If you are a new user switching to Windows 10, you probably will not see the Control Panel is pinned to START. Actually, on Windows 10 you can use Windows Settings with more features and details to replace the Control Panel. However, if you are not used to using Windows Settings, you can still use the Control Panel to install.

There are many ways you can open the Control Panel on Windows 10 and here are four simple ways you can apply.

4 ways to quickly open control panel on Windows

1- Go to START and enter the keyword “Control Panel” ⇒ Control Panel

2- Go to Windows Settings and enter the keyword “control panel” ⇒ Control Panel.

3- Go to File Explorer and enter the keyword “control panel” ⇒ Control Panel

4- Use the Run dialog box

You can open the Run dialog by using the Windows + R key combination and entering the keyword “Control Panel”.

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