On Windows 10, it’s easier to install a language pack than Windows 7. If you attention, each language pack will include 1 or more keyboards that Windows 10 supports.

So if you feel some keyboards are redundant, never use them. You can delete that keyboard. This will help you work faster when selecting a keyboard from Language Preferences.

Remove unused keyboards on Windows 10

Each language pack has a default keyboard and you cannot delete that default keyboard. To delete, you must add a new keyboard and then you can delete the old keyboard.

And for language packs with multiple keyboards. For example, the Vietnamese language pack has up to 5 keyboards as shown below. Then you can delete up to 4 keyboards.

And apply following way to delete the keyboard.

Windows 10, you can go to Setting> Time and Language> Language. Or the fastest, you choose the language symbol near the clock on the Taskbar.

On the Language Screen. Select the language pack with keyboard that you want to remove. After that, there will be more Options.

Select Options.

Next, find the keyboard you want to remove. Select that keyboard and the Remove button will appear. When you select Remove, the keyboard will automatically be removed.

If, during use you want to re-add the keyboard. You can go to the screen directly above and select Add a keyboard. There will be keyboards supported by Windows 10, just select it and the keyboard will be automatically added.

So, you’ve just learned how to remove as well as add a keyboard for language packs on Windows 10 already.

Hope the article is helpful to you.

Have fun!

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