Windows 10 has two types of applications called Classic Apps and Universal Apps. By default, the Classic Apps can only be run in the background when it is integrated with background tasks starting up with Windows. As for the Universal Apps, when installed the application can run in background by default Windows 10.

So to turn off the task running background of these two types of applications, you can immediately turn off the task of the application in Task Manager, lock not to boot with Windows or cancel allowing the application to run in the background.

How to turn off background apps on Windows 10

1- Use Task manager

First, go to Task Manager by right-click the Taskbar and select Task Manager.

At Tab Processes, you will see all the running tasks. Click on the Header of the Memory column to arrange the order of Ram usage of each task. To turn off a task, right-click on the task and select End Task.

To lock tasks you do not want to launch with Windows, switch to the Starup tab and switch to Disabled.

The above method applies only to Classic Apps, for Universal Apps, please apply the following method.

2- Turn off the Universal Apps running in background

In Windows Settings, enter a quick search with the keyword “background app”.

At Background apps Settings, you will see all the Universal Apps installed on your computer. You can turn off each application running in the background by switching to Off

Note: When you turn off Universal Apps that run in the background, the application will not automatically sync the data. It only loads new data when you use it.

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