After every times windows update, you will notice that free disk space of Windows drives has dropped by more than 20 GB. That’s not because Windows heavy plus more 20GB, but Windows will automatically create Windows.Old folder and junk files during installation. This folder will store files of old version of Windows and you can use it to restore if new version is corrupted.

However, if your disk space is not large then you can delete this folder. But deleting by often way will not be able to thoroughly remove that you need to delete with tools available in Windows 10. So, in this article I will share with you 2 ways to completely remove Windows.Old folder.

How to recover disk space after installing Windows Update

1- Use Free up space now in Windows Settings. You can go to Settings ⇒ System ⇒ Storage ⇒ Free up space now.

When you select Free up space now, Windows will perform a scan to find all junk folders on your computer. It can take a few minutes, and then you get a list of junk files. You can select all and Remove files to delete.

2- Use Disk Cleanup. You can go to File Explorer ⇒ select Windows drive, toolbar will appear Tab Drive Tools. Then select Drive Tools Tab ⇒ Cleanup.

Disk Cleanup window appears, you need to select Clean up system files to Windows to scan all the junk files of the system.

Finish scan, you will see all junk files listed. You can select all and select OK to start file deletion process.

As you can see size of Previous Windows installation is Windows.old folder and it occupies a large storage capacity. Deletion process will take some time and performance of drive is relatively high so you avoid performing many actions while deleting.

Above are two ways you can use to take back a large free disk space after installing Windows Update. Hope it works for you.

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