If you are using VLC to listen to music or watch Youtube but encounter an error that is running, VLC does not show anything. Or more clearly it is VLC does not play Videos from Youtube.

In this article, you will find ways to fix errors so that VLC can run Youtube Videos.

Cause error VLC can not play Youtube Videos

One possible cause for this error is “probably” because transfer protocol in old VLC youtube library was no longer suitable. So to fix this, you will need to update library named: youtube.luac.

For each version of Windows and options when installing, this library will have a different path. But usually this library will have following address:

Windows 64 bitC:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\playlist
Windows 32 bitC:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\playlist

Updated youtube.luac library

To update youtube.luac library, you can follow these steps:

+ First, you should change old youtube.luac library name to any new one. Or copy to another folder.

+ Copy new library content provided by VIDEOCLAN on GitHub.


+ Open Notepad and paste content you just copied in previous step.

+ Choose File> Save as to save file.

**Note: you need to save file with following content:

  • File name: youtube.luac
  • Save as type: All files
  • => You should choose a folder other VLC library folder.

+ After creating new library, move it into Playlist folder of VLC.

+ Now, try to run VLC again with Youtube Videos to see results.

So, after replacing new youtube.luac library, I was able to run Youtube Videos from VLC. And you have done it yet? If not, please leave a comment for assistance.

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  1. Thanks for posting this guide. It’s helped me many times in the past.

    Unfortunately, as of now, this no longer works. I followed this guide step-by-step, but, when I paste the youtube link and hit enter, instead of VLC loading the video, it just shows an orange progress bar jumping back and forth from side to side.

    When I scrolled down to the bottom to read the comments, I read Clipe’s comment and did what he said, but that didn’t work either.

    idk what to do ! :0

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