If you have ever used Windows XP, you will see the Taskbar shows both the icon and the application name. This type of display is very convenient because the application occupies a relatively wide width on the Taskbar to show the information of the application has just been reduced to wrong Click to another application.

From later versions such as Windows 7, 8 or 10, this way of displaying is still present but default will only display the icon on the Taskbar. The only display icon is ok because it looks neat but it is easier to click the wrong application to the side and if you open many Office Office, the Taskbar still shows only one icon which sometimes makes it difficult when you switch to File other.

With customizable display both of icons and names of applications on the Taskbar will help you more comfortable opening applications from the Taskbar and especially you will transfer File Office easier.

Display icon, names and 2 rows on Taskbar Windows

From the Taskbar, right-click and select Taskbar settings.

In the Taskbar Settings, navigate to the Combine taskbar buttons and switch the default from the Always, hide buttons to Never. This setting will allow the Taskbar to display both Icon and Application Name.

Next, to expand row of the Taskbar up to 2 or more. Just right-click on the taskbar and uncheck Lock the taskbar.

Then, move your mouse pointer over the top of the taskbar and drag up to expand the row.

Upon completion of the above settings, each time an application opens, the Taskbar will display both Icon and Name. When displaying a row, the Taskbar will automatically move to the next row.

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