Each laptop will have a System Model named by manufacturer. This Model is also important information. Because it will help you look up configuration information of Laptop from manufacturer and especially based on Model you can find right Driver supported for each Model.

Usually, you can find Model on underside of laptop body or on the surface of container. But if you are using a Laptop to turn up to find will not be convenient. I have a few method to help you find Model Laptop with tools available in Windows 10.

Use Driectx Diagnostic Tool

To open Driectx Diagnostic Tool, follow these steps:

+ In Start, enter keyword “dxdiag” to find and open tool dxdiag. Or use following link directly:


+After opening dxdiag tool, your Laptop Model will appear in System Model line.

Use System Information tool

You can also open System Information tool in Start with keyword “System information“. Or use following link to open:


In System Information window, you can find Model in System Model row.

View Model Laptop with CMD command

Similarly, you can use keyword “cmd” to find and open CMD tool in Start or use following path:


In CMD window, paste below command into cmd and press Enter to run.

wmic csproduct get name

The result after running command, you will see Model name is located under Name row.

Find Laptop Model with 3rd party

In addition to searching with tools available on Windows, you can use 3rd party tools like HWinFO64 that i’m also using.

Link download: HWiNFO64



Thus, I have introduced to you 4 easiest ways to find your Model Laptop already. With system model, you can find back configuration parameters as well as download supported drivers according to model.

Have fun!

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