Normally with an external computer monitor, you can only customize settings such as brightness, contrast … through the hard buttons installed to bottom edge of monitor.

With Dell monitor, it also provides a tool to manage monitor settings more easily. Through it, you can customize brightness, contrast and many other customizations.

Dell Display Manager

Support most of the new screen line today. Dell Display Manager is a comprehensive management tool that gives you an optimal screen experience, efficient display management, and easier multitasking.

To use Dell Display Manager, you will first need a Dell supported monitor.

You can check and download Dell Display Manager by following these steps:

+ Visit the Dell Driver download page under the link: Dell Driver & Downloads.

+ Enter Service Tag or your Model monitor. For example, monitor whose model is Dell U2419H.

+ After a successful search, Dell will return drivers that match your monitor. Find the Driver named Dell Display Manager Application that matches operating system you are using and select Download to download.

+ When installing, you can install it by default with Dell.

+ After successful installation, you will see Dell Display Manager icon appear on Taskbar. Or you can find it in System tray.

Now, you can customize the brightness and contrast of Dell monitors through Dell Display Manager already.

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