As the name of the Bluetooth mouse, it can only be connected to PC or Laptop via Bluetooth connection. And it can only be connected to one PC at a time. If connected to another PC, the previous connection will be lost.

So, if you have Bluetooth mouse and PC with Bluetooth connection still not connected. This article will share with you steps to connect bluetooth mouse to PC.

Connect Bluetooth mouse to PC Windows 10

Follow these steps:

Turn on Bluetooth connection on PC

You can turn it on quickly at the Windows 10 Action Center.

Action Center

Power on Bluetooth mouse.

You need to check the Battery and switcher is turned ON or not.

Bluetooth hp mouse

On Windows 10, go to Settings> Device> Bluetooth & Other Device.

Select Add Bluetooth & Other Device.

Bluetooth & Other device

Add a device screen

Select Bluetooth

Add a device

Activate Bluetooth mouse

Now, click on the green button on your mouse to activate the Bluetooth mouse ready to connect.
If the mouse is successfully activated, you will see Add a device screen on Windows showing your mouse name.

Connection successful

Select the mouse to connect, automatically Windows will install and notify if connection is successful.

Add a device


Through the 6 steps above, have you connected your mouse to your PC? If possible and not yet, please let me know by leaving a comment.

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