If you use a Windows 10 device like a laptop with a built-in screen, you can adjust the screen brightness through the brightness slider on the Action Center.

By default of Windows 10, the brightness slider will be at the bottom of the Action Center. But cause of a custom that you want to hide it or show again, the small trick in this article will help you.

Hide Brightness Slider Action on Action Center

To hide brightness slider, open Action Center and right-click an empty area.

Edit options will appear.

After selecting Edit, each Action will have an unpin button. If you click on the drop button on the slider, the slider will hide immediately on the Action Center.

Show Brightness Slider on Action center

After hiding, if you want to show the slider as well as any Action. Again, right-click an empty area of the Action Center and select Edit.

Then, at the bottom of the Action Center there will be the Add and Done options.

Select Add, then a list of actions can be added. You can choose Brightness to add to the Action Center.


So, you’ve just added a tip to add, remove the brightness slider or any action on Action Center that Windows 10 supports.

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