In this article, I will share with you how to use the NETWORKDAYS and WEEKDAY functions in Excel to identify the day of Saturday, Sunday or weekday.

Find saturday by NETWORKDAYS function

For example, use the syntax = NETWORKDAYS (A2; A2; 0) or =NETWORKDAYS(A2;A2) to check the date of Cells A2. Then you will have 2 results:

  • 0: that is, check date is Saturday or Sunday.
  • 1: the day is weekday.

You can use the NETWORKDAYS function to create Fortmat according to conditions. The following steps will help you:

Step 1: Select the data area you want to Fortmat and then on the Home tab, select Conditional Formatting.

Step 2: Then, in the New Formattings Rule window, you need to set up some steps such as:

  • Select a Rule Type ⇒ Use formula to determine which cells to format.
  • In the Format values where … option box, you will use the condition = NETWORKDAYS (A2; A2) = 0
  • Select Format to choose the colors and fonts for Cells to meet the conditions.

Step 3: Select OK to apply the newly created condition, immediately the Cells whose value is Saturday or Sunday will be colored.

Find Saturday by WEEKDAY function

In WEEKDAY function, if you use the [return_type] argument of 2, the result will be 1 ⇒ 7, in order starting from Monday ⇒ Sunday. And, the last 2 days will be 6 and 7 corresponding to Saturday and Sunday. So when you use the IF function, you can easily separate Saturday and Sunday.

In the example below, when I use the function = IF (WEEKDAY (A2; 2) <6; 1; 0), the result is:

  • 1: if the result of WEEKDAY <6, the test date is Monday or Friday.
  • 0: if the result of WEEKDAY> = 6, is Saturday or Sunday respectively.

Above are 2 ways to help you split the week by Saturday and Sunday. Hope this sharing is useful to you.

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