Cookies are files that is created when you access any Web site and it is saved directly in your device memory. Cookies help increase the experience of surfing the Web by storing key information such as login status, other information that the Web site wants to save for reuse.

Bring more positive experiences to users. But with that, some Cookies are created to monitor user behavior for the optimization of the experience and services of that site. So if you do not want to maintain Cookies after every web surfing on Chrome Android, you can delete Cookies without affecting other archives such as history, Google sync account.

Clear Cookies on Android Phone

To delete Cookies, go to History by touching the 3-dot mark.

Next, select Clear browsing data… There will be 2 options:

  • BASIC Tab> Cookies and site data
  • ADVANCED Tab> Cookies and site data

Select Clear data, a small window to remove pages that you want to keep Cookies.

Select Clear to complete deleting Cookies.

After clear, the accounts saved on the browser will log out and you need to login again.

So, through the above steps, you have successfully deleted Cookies for Chrome Android browser. The same applies for other browsers.

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