Almost every operation is done through the touch screen on the Smartphone Android. Just a touch point “dead” also cause some discomfort when used. So, if you’re looking to buy a smartphone, perhaps the parts you need to check the most are screen and touch.

Typically, touch screen has “dead” spots will be difficult to detect if you are less used to that point. But with the way below you can check fast to ensure the touch of the screen works 100%.

How to test multi-touch screen on Android Smartphone by application

First, download and install the MultiTouch Tester application from the Play Google store or follow below link:

MultiTouch Tester

After installation, open the application and perform some of the following checks and recognitions:

  • Touch a point on the screen and move around the screen: If there is a flashing logo is touch has a problem.
  • Touch more than 2 points: I encountered the case of paralyzed in the middle of the screen, just received 2 touch points at a time.
  • And to be sure, check 10 touch points with this app.

Also, you can check by pressing and holding on an application icon and moving around the screen. If the icon is dropped and repeated, the screen may have a touch error at that point.

How to use Pointer location to check Android Smartphone touch screen

To show pointer location, you need to enable it in the Settings for Developers option.

When activated show pointer location, immediately the top of the screen appears a range of parameters.

Parameters you should pay attention to when inspecting touch:

  • P 0/0: number of touch point.
  • X: Horizontal coordinates.
  • Y: Vertical coordinates.
  • Prs: pressing force. This is the value of the force of the press at the touch point (on my phone is always 1.0 but it ok).

You can also do some of the following to check values like:

  • Moving seamlessly across the screen, you will see a line drawing along the touch points while moving. If there is a faulty touch point, line drawing will get lost.
  • Use your fingers to check the number of screen touch points that can be received.

Above are some of the ways you can quickly check the touch screen. Hope it is useful to you.

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