On Samsung S7 and above models, Game Launcher has an option in Game Performance that you can customize FPS for each Game installed. These settings will override Game settings, this will help you adjust the smartphone’s performance balance when playing the Game to reduce Lag and hot. However, there is a note when applying that I will share with you in this article.

How to turn on Game Launcher on Samsung phones

Game Launcher is preinstalled on Samsung Smartphone. However, if you still don’t see it, you can go to: Settings > Advanced Feartures > Games and then Turn on Game Launcher.

Go back to Home screen, find and launch the Game Launcher.

In Game Launcher screen, select Game Performance.

Next, you can set up all Games by adjusting the performance at the slider. Or if you want to customize FPS for each Game, then choose to enable Settings for each game.

How to customize FPS with Game Launcher

Select a Game in the list that you want to customize FPS.

The maximum FPS should be customized between 30 -> 60.

Note that if you set up in game’s settings to 30 FPS, the maximum is 30 FPS. So you need to select 60 FPS in Game settings, FPS installation of Game Launcher will override and maximum FPS according to the settings.

Thus, customizing FPS with Game Launcher can raise FPS higher than 30. But still helping your smartphone may balance between graphics and experience.

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  1. Do you know a way to do this on android 10, there was a update on the app game launcher and I can’t do this anymore. Please help

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